back on the track with "Quantum Anomaly"

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back on the track with "Quantum Anomaly"

Post by rewired » 2007-02-14, 19:50

hi there!

i've made a new track - maybe that one fit's the demo:

Quantum Anomaly - sorry site is in german.

style: dark and atmospheric.

waiting for your comments

@carsten: i've seen "your" article on, so i decided to leave some lines here. msg me via mail, if you want it in ogg and high quality.

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Post by Carsten » 2007-02-18, 14:43

Hi Rewired,
first of all, thousand thanks for your latest track! :thanks:

I've picked up the mp3 file now and put it into my Ca3DE/Games/DeathMatch/Music folder. The file is already pretty large though (6+ MB), so I think that -unfortunately- I don't need the higher quality releases. :up:

Well, about the track itself, I like it alot, although I'll have to admit that your "Final Trigger" remains my favourite. This is mostly because I have a bit problems at identifying a "common theme/thread" that is consistent throughout Quantum Anomaly. Nonetheless, the more often I hear it, the more I think that that very feature makes sure that it is never monotonous, and that in fact it makes it a great game track! :wohow:
Best regards,
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