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Posted: 2007-05-21, 20:08
by spoodle5
When i load the Ca3D Engine it says no Materials found and i have re-downloaded it and im still not sure whats going on..... please help!

well im not sure i have loaded the engine... i double clicked on the icon with the logo in the engine folder.....



Posted: 2007-05-21, 21:42
by Thrawn

to start the Ca3DE-Engine, please go into the Ca3D-Engine directory and run the Ca3DE.exe It will start the engine.

Posted: 2007-05-22, 13:07
by Carsten
...because the one with the logo is CaWE.exe, the Ca3DE World Editor. ;)
You may also want to read the chapter "Ca3DE User Manual" at

Hope that helps. :up: