model import

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model import

Post by thomas1991_12 » 2007-12-13, 16:27

Hi everyone,

I'm having a little trouble to put my own model in a map. First off all I made my model using milkshape (put the texture on using Milkshape), exported it to 3ds and converted it to ASE. I followed the tutorials on the wiki and put the files (shaders and models etc.) in the right map. Tried to import it with the static detail model, assign properties but it didnt work.

Can someone please right a full tutorial for making the model, texturing it, making the files (including shader) put them at the correct position and how to import it.. Because I cant get it right with the wiki..
So what Im asking is to write a tutorial about the whole process on how to get a model working..
I think almost any newbie has trouble doing this. I would appreciate it if anyone wrote it :)


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Post by Thrawn » 2007-12-15, 13:10

Hi thomas1991_12, welcome to the forums!

The wiki article was supposed to be complete, so there won't be changed to it.

But we can offer your the following: Upload the model, the shader anr the textures and post them here so we can check them out or just e-mail me them to thrawn codefighters dot de and I am going to have a look at them for you.

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Re: model import

Post by Carsten » 2007-12-29, 14:28

Hi Thomas,

well, you're indeed facing a problem that requires a lengthy chain of actions to be taken to be solved.

In addition to Thrawns tutorial at (that you were probably referring to in your original post), and his offer to send him your files so he can have a look at them (an offer which I'd highly recommend to take! ;-) ), I'd like to add two additional pieces that might be of help:
  • Before you try to place your model into a map in CaWE, you might want to test it in the Modelviewer. Although the Modelviewer is a command-line driven program, using it is much quicker for testing and inspecting models than loading them in CaWE.

    Tip: If you load your model in the Modelviewer, but it does not appear at all, this is an indication that there was a problem loading the model. If this happens, feel free to ask for help here until your model is fixed. Only then proceed with the next step. ;-)
  • I finally finished a new tutorial about placing static detail models in CaWE, see
    I mentioned this tutorial to you in a private email a while ago. Although it doesn't address the core of your question, I hope it can help you out later.
Moreover, I'm planning much better support for models in Ca3DE that will be implemented soon. You should still try to make your current models work, but be assured that the situation will considerable improve over time. :up:
Best regards,
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