Supported File Types

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Supported File Types

Post by Lycaon » 2008-03-16, 23:52

I'm new here and I was wondering...what file types can I import, and how do I import them?
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Re: Supported File Types

Post by Carsten » 2008-03-17, 19:27

Hi Lycaon,

welcome to the Ca3DE forums! :-)
Lycaon wrote:I'm new here and I was wondering...what file types can I import, and how do I import them?
Ah, what class of file types are you referring to? Maps? Models? Texture images? Sounds?
As importing any file assets mostly plays a role when you're making new maps, I'll assume that you'll want to import them into CaWE, the Ca3DE World Editor. Please note that the CaWE documentation is available at
Importing models into CaWE and thus Ca3DE is currently a bit tricky: You can create the model in any of the file formats listed at the "Feature List", that is, mainly ase, mdl (Half-Life 1), lwo (Lightwave) and md5 (Doom 3). Even more formats are supported (3ds, obj, ...), but the stated four currently work best.

The "big" problem is that you need a matching material file for each model, analogous to those in the Ca3D-Engine/Games/DeathMatch/Materials folder in the Ca3DE demo package. The above mentioned page briefly summarizes what is necessary, and more detailed information is available in section "The Ca3DE Material System" in the Wiki.

This relatively complicated process is the reason that the major goal for the next version of Ca3DE is to dramatically simplify the loading and importing of models, inclusive automatic materials creation. I'll soon post more information about the plans for the next release.

Here is a suggestion: If you have any problems with getting your files into CaWE, just send them to me via email, and I'll help you to make everything work. :up:
Best regards,
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