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W.I.P. Galery

Posted: 2008-11-20, 23:36
by Hidong
I'm working on a Galery and want to present you some Screenshots out of it.

Comments will be great =)

Re: W.I.P. Galery

Posted: 2008-11-21, 18:53
by Thrawn

nice screenshots, I like the lighting. You should downscale the ground texture, the rest seems fine. I'm looking forward to new shots!

Re: W.I.P. Galery

Posted: 2008-11-21, 21:27
by Carsten
Wow, Hidong, the shots are great!! :wohow:

When I recently looked at your map wrt. the speaker entity, I neither ran the Radiosity computations, nor did I have the materials and textures that you employ. I liked the map even then, but now seeing your actual images I'm happily surprised!

I especially like the texture that you use for the walls (looks very realistic), and the way how the rooms are lit. This kind of lighting is a nice idea that I've never seen in a Ca3DE (or any other) map before. :shock: :cheesy:

Btw, the room lights along the walls are quite "thin", and this contributes to the "blocky" diagonal shadow edges in some places. The shadow edges become softer when the lights are broader, but I'd have to have a look at your map again in order to be sure.

Excellent job! :-D