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Project Alpha

Posted: 2010-09-02, 03:48
by Scorphame

Hello People... My name is Simón Carreño and with a friend called Walter we create a new video game developer team called "Darkleaf Entertainment" Now called Darkware

Our Staff
  • Simón Carreño (CTO, CEO)
  • Kevin Verelst (Level Designer)
  • Jonathan Monroy (Programmer)
  • Ahiram Fragosso (Composser)
  • Carlos Valderas (Level Designer)
Why we made a Videogame Developer?

The idea is make new FPS games and other things, we are bored about only make Mods and Maps for some games (UT, Quake, DooM, Etc) and finally we decide make this.

Project Alpha is a FPS Quake/Doom Based style, actually the story is under construction with the name of the game. The name of the project is because this will be our first big scale project.

What talent we are searching?

3D Modelers or 3D animation artist to the game and the Videos

All people who has knowledges of Lua language

Level Makers
people who makes 3D maps

Who has knowledges in C++

Interested People send me a []email[/url]

Re: Infernal Underground: "The Project Rescue"

Posted: 2010-09-13, 03:29
by Scorphame
New Menu Style for Infernal Underground

Image Image Image Image

Re: Infernal Underground: "The Project Rescue"

Posted: 2010-09-13, 11:39
by Carsten
Nice screenshots, thanks for sharing them! :D

Re: Infernal Underground: "The Project Rescue"

Posted: 2010-11-06, 05:23
by Scorphame

Well have passed a lot of time, but now i'm here again and I implement a new Menu Style for cafu Engine for my project and I modify the Gui color in-game....

The name of the game was changed in october... Now is Rescue "The Arrival of The Visitors"

Re: Rescue "The Arrival of the Visitors

Posted: 2010-11-06, 12:35
by Carsten
Thanks for the nice update! :demo:

Re: Rescue "The Arrival of the Visitors

Posted: 2011-01-22, 00:51
by Scorphame
A lot of changes on my team and my life made a little suspension of this game... Sorry for the inactivity, but now i'm back and I refreshed the first post with new information and well... I'll upload more more content very soon.

For n time, Thanks to Carsten for to let us use his engine

Re: Project Alpha

Posted: 2011-01-23, 07:19
by Scorphame
From: Project Alpha Development Blog
First Screenshot of Project Alpha
Well. Today I was playing with the Cafu World Editor (aka CaWE) and I tried to make some little stuff. That stuff works correctly and I decided to make a little map for Project Alpha.


This is a little room that has 6 pointlights sources and this running with 1024×768 of Res. in High Quality. it runs with 11FPS in my computer (Well I know that is really poor, I need to buy a new computer right now) and well, just enjoy this picture like the first screenshot on Alpha Project