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Authoring Programs and Tools

Posted: 2011-01-26, 19:12
by Carsten
Some of our members have posted commented lists of programs and tools that are very useful and worthwhile to know, so let me pin the relevant posts and threads for future reference:

Textures and Normal Maps Models

Re: Authoring Programs and Tools

Posted: 2012-03-29, 21:55
by Carsten
Another thread that has related information as well:
Creating Texture Maps

However, starting from here, we really should move all this highly worthwhile information into a common Wiki page, so that it is well organized and centralized, all in one place...

Re: Authoring Programs and Tools

Posted: 2012-04-02, 00:20
by An0maly
speaking from experience across many forums, whose websites had wikis, generally speaking, the first place a person will turn, IS a master-post, (if they don't skip it for the "new topic" button). It is probably a good idea to finish compiling a list here, and then moving that list into a wiki, while also keeping a sticky thread. just an idea. im going to troll over the forum, myself, as i am in dire need of some good tools.