Need some little help :)

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Need some little help :)

Post by NLXsmike » 2011-02-12, 03:11

Hey there iam new here and registrated my self to get to know to the engine and see what i can make out of it to start on a new project :)

I just was curious to how to inport Brush models > (static) like as i was used to do in the UED (unreal editor) to use brushes to add buildings or non static/static brushe for extra terain or constructions..
( like creating a brush in 3dsmax) and inport into the map editor to add a structure) i coulnd find the inport option in the map editor.. :( lol.. (NEWB) hha.

Iam not sure if there is al ready a topic here but i cant find it .. if you could awnsar my question i whould be happy :)

Thank you very much :)


PS: is there a limited / Max poly count in the engine ?
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Re: Need some little help :)

Post by Carsten » 2011-02-12, 13:13

Hi NLXsmike,
welcome to the Cafu forums! :welcome:

There is no poly count limit except for your (target) hardware.

About your question regarding brushes: I'm sorry, I don't quite understand what you want to achieve? Import what from where?
For general information about editing, have you had a look at ?
Best regards,
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Re: Need some little help :)

Post by Kai » 2011-02-12, 17:56

Hi, and welcome ;)

The term "brush" is unreal ed specific, please be aware of that, instead use more wide spread terms like "mesh", or "model" when referring to static or animated objects. A brush in unreal is the underlying base geometrie used for BSP calculation.

Don't want to be picky but it's important to know what someone is talking about :)
For simple importing some mesh into the level try this

Currently the model editor is in progress and will allow greater control and much simpler importing.
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