Next release?

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Next release?

Post by scott » 2004-11-30, 04:05

Can you give us any indication when that will be Carsten? :)
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Post by Carsten » 2004-12-02, 11:27

Yes: Although I'd prefer to finish CaWE and the TechDemo before the next release, they will probably not make it into it. However, my intention is to finish the port to the Ca3DE MatSys soon. So if everything goes well, the next release will be around Christmas, featuring the new MatSys, ase model support, and other improvements, but not CaWE or the TechDemo.

After CaWE is complete (which currently eats all my time), I plan to release Ca3DE versions more often and more regularly, i.e. at least every two months.

I'm very sorry for the huge delay, but the current work is quite fundamental, requiring a lot of time without showing at lot of progress at the "outside".
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