GUI graphics example

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GUI graphics example

Post by Carsten » 2012-04-11, 23:40

Hi everybody,

just so that you know what I have in mind with and, see: ... p?pid=1137 ... p?pid=1138

At least some of these very nice animated effects are perferctly within the scope of the Cafu GUI system... :cheesy:
e.g. scrolling of translucent multi-layer overlays, straight or circular; pulsing colors, etc. :up:
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Re: GUI graphics example

Post by HWGuy » 2012-04-12, 01:05

I haven't played with GUI a whole lot but the versatility is apparently comparable to most major commercial engines.
As your demo video shows, GUIs which can be tied to players, entities, stuck on walls. Means super cool ammo indicators that float next to the gun or on the gun, and deadspace style possible.
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