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Compiled but how do I run?

Posted: 2012-04-14, 22:23
by MonoAlithica

Quick question, I followed the instructions on compiling Cafu fine and now I have a compiled version here. The problem is I can't seem to run anything. This is the first time I've compiled anything so I'm sure I'm missing something really obvious none-the-less I keep seeing this popup window [attached] whenever I run something.

Any help is appreciated ^-^


Re: Compiled but how do I run?

Posted: 2012-04-15, 10:10
by Carsten
Hi MonoAlithica,

almost there!

As the error message says, the working directory must be the top-level "Cafu", not the subdirectory with the CaWE binary. Just follow the instructions of point "3." at ... w_programs