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Cafu Freezes when trying to save among other issues

Posted: 2012-04-20, 02:31
by mosher66
ok i have the following issues with the latest Cafu release

1. i edited the physics test map a small bit (added 2 weapons and changed the walls) clicked save and then ran the other exe file to run the game, however the map was still the same

2. the original wall textures in the physics map say error texture missing or something (hence why i tried to change them)

3. if i compile the map the game engine wont run for the compiler (i have the run option ticked and have waited 30 minutes)

4. if i select save as for any premade map the engine freezes and i have task manager it to close it (again waited 30 minutes to see if itd kick into action (sometimes it freezes where it says it has become unresponsive othertimes it just acts as if its a pointless applications aka clicking anything does nothing)

5. if i make a new map after im done making it i select save or save as and it just does the same as 4 (pre made maps i edit dont freeze if i select the save, only save as, but the effects arent actually saved)

thats all ive noticed so far, but obvious with these problems i cant really do anything with the engine XD

Re: Cafu Freezes when trying to save among other issues

Posted: 2012-04-20, 14:26
by Haimi
Hi mosher

1. Did you compile the maps? You need to run at least CaBSP if you make changes to the maps

2. Did you download the textures pack like described in

3. Did you check the CaLight or CaPVS Option aswell? If those Options are checked, the compiling lasts multiple hours.

4. I don't understand this one... You save a map in CaWE and the engine freezes? Or does CaWE freeze?

5. Can you tell me on which system you are? Did you use the precompiled binaries or did you compile cafu by yourself?


Re: Cafu Freezes when trying to save among other issues

Posted: 2012-04-20, 17:19
by mosher66
1. yes ive tried that, il check 2 and 3 out later im kinda busy right now

4.the ENTIRE CAWE freezes completly like not stops responding, it just locks up and i need to use task manager to get rid of it because when it locks up not even the x or alt and f4 work on it, this error also happens if i try to favourite a material, use landscaping, tbh it happens with nearly everything i do besides placing blocks

5. im using the lates precompiled one and i am on windows 7, i also tried running as admin and running in windows xp SP3

Re: Cafu Freezes when trying to save among other issues

Posted: 2012-04-21, 09:56
by Carsten
Hi mosher66,
welcome to the Cafu forums! :welcome:

Thanks for your feedback, but (testing with the binary r525 release) I cannot reproduce these issues here.

What version / release are you testing with?
Please post exact version number, or the link to the downloaded file.
  1. In Cafu, the TestPhysics map should not have been there to start with, because it only ships in cmap, not in cw form with the binary demos.
  2. Yes, that's ok, these textures don't ship with the binary demos. Add the missing textures as suggested by Haimi.
  3. (to 5.) Sorry, no freezing here. Can you please provide exact steps on how to reproduce this problem? Do you see the Console window when you start compiling in CaWE? With the default settings, selecting the "Compile, Run Quick..." menu item for the TestPhysics map takes less than 1 second here, then runs the Cafu engine. Are there any compilation errors mentioned in the CaWE Console?