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Assistance for a Compiling Noob

Posted: 2012-05-01, 22:11
by MonoAlithica
Yeah, so I managed to compile Cafu (from SVN) on Ubuntu in the end. That went fine after I read the instructions through a second time.

Now I'm trying to do that on Windows (from SVN), and I did manage to compile it successfully once. But I deleted that because it was a test and I wanted to edit a bit of code before I compiled it a second time. The problem is now whenever I compile it using the same method as the first, it brings up an error in Command Prompt (administrator).

Heres what I do: I download the latest files from SVN and save it all in a file on my desktop called Cafu. Then I open the command prompt with admin privileges and navigate to the folder. From there I bring up another explorer window and drag and drop the scons 2.1.0 python file into the command prompt window (it worked the first time) instead of copying the scons file to the Cafu file and typing "scons".
Whenever I do this however I get this error (attached), I have Visual C++ Express installed just as the instructions suggested.

Sorry about all this simple stuff, this is all a first for our team of 3, all of which use this account by the way.

Re: Assistance for a Compiling Noob

Posted: 2012-05-02, 01:54
by Carsten
Hi Mono,

did you follow the instructions in section "64-bit Windows with Visual C++ 2010 Express Edition" at Getting Started with the Cafu Source Code, Compiler Setup? This should fix your main problem.

Besides, please note that you should neither be required to use a shell with admin privileges, nor should it be necessary to copy any scons files. All required steps should be those mentioned in the documentation (including setting the proper PATH environment variables).