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code Blocks

Post by whtemple1959 » 2012-10-14, 08:42

First I want to state I am an accountant. I have no programming training or skills. I am teaching myself until I can begin formal studies in winter quarter.
My son and I have been playing an open source game and enjoy it very much. But, in our opinion it needs to be further developed. There seems to be a hierarchy within the community and the more advanced developers have no interest in taking the game to the next level.
I would like to do this.
I have decided to use Code::Blocks to manage the C++ programming as it is cross platform so I am assuming the code will be easily migrated to build for Ubuntu, Mac, Widows, and eventually other flavors of Linux. Which seems to be needed by reading the posts on the games forum board.
Now my question. After a search on the General Board and this board I found a post about importing code into Code::Blocks but no posts on how to install this application in either windows or Ubuntu with support For Code::Blocks. If some one knows of any clear and easily understandable instructions on how to complete these tasks I would be very appreciative.

Thank you,
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Re: code Blocks

Post by Carsten » 2012-10-14, 11:09

Hi Bill,
welcome to the Cafu forums! :welcome:

Well... what game are you taking about? What other forums?

Please note that this is the discussion forum for the Cafu Engine, see for details.
In any case, if all is right, please provide more information if you want help, e.g. what is "this application"?
Best regards,
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