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Posted: 2005-02-15, 02:47
by KillerKind
Carsten wrote:
Shadow wrote:Don't worry, I'm working on it like hell (>10 hours per day).
Damn, wish I had > 10 hours per day to work on PM!

Seems a bit ridiculous to expect anything other than a Ca3DE world editor written from scratch, and Ca3DE specific. I mean, you wouldn't expect anything less if Carsten is to succeed at creating and marketing this engine.

Posted: 2005-02-15, 04:19
by Shadow
lol i didnt mean it that way. i was just pointing out to fragger to be happy for wut he gets

Posted: 2005-02-15, 06:15
by KillerKind
Yes, I was referring to fragger as well.

Looks like the quote has your name, but it is of Carsten's. :?

Posted: 2005-02-16, 04:07
by Shadow
lol anyways...
have an aproximate date? i need something to tell my pbx fans lol