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Licensing & Free Games

Posted: 2005-03-08, 03:22
by NightBlade
Hello. I'm the project leader for a free (of cost), high-quality first person shooter (check the link in my signature) named Project Blizzard, and I was wondering if the license allowed for freeware, freely distributed games, and if this was covered under the term "commercial use".

Posted: 2005-03-08, 10:41
by Carsten
If your game is free, Ca3DE is free. See

for more information.
You will have to work with the publicly and freely available Ca3DE-MDK (New Materials Development Kit); that means no access to the full source code. That is normally not a problem, though: The MDK is very powerful and probably more than enough to complete your task. You'll also get support here. :)

Posted: 2005-03-09, 03:58
by NightBlade
That means I can't try to use the GNU license, since I don't have all the code used for the game, but that sounds...phenominal! But, I don't even understand engines much (this isn't really my best subject); what programming language is needed to write a game using the Ca3DE-MDK?

Posted: 2005-03-09, 09:52
by Carsten
C++, requiring the OpenWatcom compiler on the Win32 platform and g++ on Linux.
Some introduction and details are given in the NewMaterials.pdf document which is contained in the Ca3DE-MDK or available (latest revision) here: ... erials.pdf

Btw, I don't think that the GNU license prevents you from using closed-source binaries in your source code, but I'm not legally versed either.

Posted: 2005-03-10, 00:20
by NightBlade
Thanks. But, this either means spending a long, long time learning C++, or scrapping the lead programmer. Decisions, decisions. Still, it all sounds great.