Where should i start?

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Where should i start?

Post by Siris » 2014-02-13, 15:08

I've found cafu because i want to program games with the language "lua" and with an graphical editor. I'm very interested in cafu and i want to give it a try ;)
I've got some programming skills with C++ and sfml. Blender is my favorite 3D Modeling Software. Now i want to create my own games with my own objects. Where should i start? Thanks for any help :)
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Re: Where should i start?

Post by Carsten » 2014-02-14, 09:52

Hi Siris,
welcome to the Cafu forums! :welcome:
Siris wrote:Where should i start? Thanks for any help :)
If you haven't already, check out the latest binary demo from the Downloads page.
As a next step, have a look at the documentation, and possibly other resources of the website.

About Lua scripting: To be honest, the best is yet to come. You can use Lua scripts with the Cafu Engine as documented, but from today's point-of-view, the current binary releases and source code master branch still use an older system.

As described in my news post More about Component Systems, many things will change to the better soon, and improved APIs for Lua scripting are a core feature among them.

Unfortunately, the Component System is not ready yet. In the source code repository, it is developed in branch "entity-component-system", and it works very well, but is not yet ready to base "stable" work on top of it.

While I went to great lengths to keep backwards-compatibility, and to add "auto-upgraders" for file formats, it is probably mostly the custom Lua scripts that need manual revision when everything it switched to component systems.

Of course I will offer everyone who is affected by upgrade issues my help, whatever is needed to use resources made for the current version of Cafu also with the newer one, but regarding your question, at this time this honestly leaves me in a difficult position: While you can start Lua scripting with the current version, the newer Component System code is a much better place to start -- but isn't ready yet.

So maybe it really depends on what your main focus is. If you're more into Lua and less into C++, maybe the current versions are a good start, at the cost of having to transfer scripts later (which will be a reasonable, manageable effort in any case). If you're more into C++, maybe the latest source code release is an option as well.
Best regards,
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