Simulating Planetary Motion

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Simulating Planetary Motion

Post by srabutdotcom » 2014-07-12, 19:40

Dear all,

I am newbie in and I wonder if this tools can create planetary motions.

My questions are:
  • - How to create moon completed with its texture?
  • - How to move its moon and sun based on coordinate provided as a function of time and location, I mean how to implement programming into cafu ?
  • - How to create soft shadow based on the fact that sun is not a point of light but a sphere of light?
  • - I have a code to generate moon, sun and earth coordinate but it is in java and c# and how to translate it into cafu?
Can anyone guide me?

Thank you in advance
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Re: Simulating Planetary Motion

Post by Carsten » 2014-07-12, 21:41

Hi srabutdotcom,
welcome to the Cafu forums! :welcome:

Unfortunately, your questions are quite difficult to answer, because you don't provide enough detail and basis for a detailed answer. (For example, what is the "viewpoint" for the simulation that you aim to achieve? The moon? Sun? Earth? Any point in the planetary system? Is this a scientific simulation, a space ship game, or something entirely else?)

Essentially, while I think that you can achieve what you are looking for with the Cafu Engine, I recommend that you have a look at Is Cafu right for our game of genre "..."? for additional info.
Best regards,
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