Build Error - 2015.01.02 git pull Linux x64

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Build Error - 2015.01.02 git pull Linux x64

Post by Tatwi » 2015-01-02, 17:25

Howdy, it's been a while since I've used Cafu and I've run into an error while building the latest code. I cloned the repo and installed the pre-requs. Using Linux Mint 17 64Bit. Here be the error:

Code: Select all

 ~/Workspace/cafu $ scons 
scons: Reading SConscript files ...

Checking for C library png... (cached) yes
Checking for C library z... (cached) yes
Checking for C++11 `override` identifier... (cached) yes
scons: done reading SConscript files.
scons: Building targets ...
scons: building associated VariantDir targets: build/linux2/g++/debug build/linux2/g++/release
g++ -o build/linux2/g++/release/Ca3DE/Ca3DEWorld.o -c -std=c++0x -O3 -funsigned-char -Wall -Werror -Wno-char-subscripts -fno-strict-aliasing -pthread -DNDEBUG -DSCONS_BUILD_DIR=build/linux2/g++/release -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -D__WXGTK__ -ILibs -IExtLibs -IExtLibs/wxWidgets/build-gtk/lib/wx/include/gtk2-unicode-static-3.0 -IExtLibs/wxWidgets/include -Ibuild/linux2/g++/release/ExtLibs/lua/src -IExtLibs/lua/src -Ibuild/linux2/g++/release/ExtLibs/bullet/src -IExtLibs/bullet/src Ca3DE/Ca3DEWorld.cpp
In file included from ExtLibs/bullet/src/LinearMath/btVector3.h:21:0,
                 from ExtLibs/bullet/src/BulletCollision/CollisionDispatch/btCollisionWorld.h:80,
                 from ExtLibs/bullet/src/btBulletCollisionCommon.h:22,
                 from ExtLibs/bullet/src/btBulletDynamicsCommon.h:20,
                 from Libs/PhysicsWorld.hpp:28,
                 from Ca3DE/Ca3DEWorld.hpp:26,
                 from Ca3DE/Ca3DEWorld.cpp:24:
ExtLibs/bullet/src/LinearMath/btScalar.h:337:14: error: 'btInfinityMask' defined but not used [-Werror=unused-variable]
  static  int btInfinityMask = 0x7F800000;
cc1plus: all warnings being treated as errors
scons: *** [build/linux2/g++/release/Ca3DE/Ca3DEWorld.o] Error 1
scons: building terminated because of errors.
Complaining about a variable that was defined but not used. It's the end of the world as we know it! :)

Happy new year and great work on Cafu the past couple of years, Carsten!
Thank you for making Cafu!
- Rob from Canada.
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Re: Build Error - 2015.01.02 git pull Linux x64

Post by Carsten » 2015-01-03, 20:35

Hi Rob,

a happy new year to you, too, and many thanks for your kind words!
I've just pushed a change to the master branch that fixes the problem. :up:
Best regards,
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