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Cafu Initialization Error

Posted: 2015-03-28, 16:03
by ankan
Hello , everyone , just used scons to compile cafu, took it ages to compile and

then I get this error msg. So just copied what others did , starting Cafu.exe from

the top level directory and adding -log console.txt in the command prompt.

here is the message (cafu-error.jpg) and here is the content of console.txt

Cafu Engine, Mar 28 2015
config.lua processed.
Registering archive "Games/DeathMatch/Textures/".
Registering archive "Games/DeathMatch/Textures/".

Scanning cwd for all available renderers...
Scanning Libs/build/win32/vc10/x86/release/MaterialSystem for all available renderers...
No renderer qualified.


pls , help!!! :shock:

Re: Cafu Initialization Error

Posted: 2015-03-29, 12:26
by Carsten
Hi ankan,
welcome to the Cafu forums! :welcome:

Some questions:
What version of the source code did you use? (Git clone, zip download?)
If you run scons again, does it complete without errors? (this should only take as few seconds)
Can you please show the exact command line that you used to start Cafu.exe?
What is the contents of Libs/build/win32/vc10/x86/release/MaterialSystem?

Re: Cafu Initialization Error

Posted: 2015-04-12, 12:14
by ankan
the zip i downloaded back in October 2013 and zip file size is 89.3 MB . It contains a folder "cafu-cafu-1debdc36ab0e" . ReadME.txt doesn't contain any
data about source version.

i did run scons again and i have attached a screenshot. It couldn't compile due to error.

here goes the (DOS) command prompt :
G:\reserve\test\cafu>cafu -log console.txt

the contents of Libs/build/win32/vc10/x86/release/MaterialSystem are :


Re: Cafu Initialization Error

Posted: 2015-04-13, 15:39
by Carsten
Hi ankan,

thanks for providing the details. The problem reported by SCons (or rather, cl) seems to be the root of the Cafu initialization error, but from the available information, it is impossible to tell why the ../wx/string.h include file cannot be opened.

Please download a recent edition of the Cafu source code at the Downloads page into a new directory, either directly via Git or as a zip archive, and follow the instructions at Getting Started with the Cafu Source Code. This should work exactly as described, and especially should SCons complete the build without any errors. (If unexpectedly there still are any errors, make sure to copy them before running SCons another time.)

Please let me know if and how that works out! :up:

Re: Cafu Initialization Error

Posted: 2015-04-14, 20:47
by ankan
>scons-2.3.3 -j 2
in the command prompt using the same package and after another long decade
it compiled without any errors ,

but despite the size it took after compiling (2.7 GB) what really disappointing is that the players/NPC/enemy doesn't have any AI/health bar/inventory/conversation box integrated in them :shock: . :cry: .The CaWE doesn't provide any options for those features too :!:

also any level that i loaded light(one/two step forward some texture goes invisible and comes back randomly) was also one of the key problem , which seem to be somewhat fixed in debug builds.

how do i change to 1st person / 3rd person camera modes. Is there any way that allows support(ex scripting interface) for adding AI/health bar/inventory/conversation box in this engine :shock:

one last thing, all the compiled files seem to run without the compiled ExtLibs file
which takes almost half(1.27~1.32) of the size that all the compiled files have taken combined :shock:

Re: Cafu Initialization Error

Posted: 2015-04-15, 17:42
by Carsten
Dear ankan,

ok, it's good to hear that the compile eventually succeeded. As compiling seems to take a lot of resources for you (both compile time and disk space), it is of course entirely feasible to continue working on this basis, i.e. the 1debdc3 source code and its binaries.

Nevertheless, consider using the latest source code instead. Regarding the issues that you reported, it will possibly not be much better, but it would be much easier to provide support for it (there were many changes since your edition, and I'm a lot more familiar with recent editions that with ones 1,5 years old).

About the disk space, yes, this is an unfortunate side effect of compiling everything from source. The situation could be mildly improved by building only the debug or the release editions of everything (the default is to build both), but it very much depends on your intentions if this is a good idea. It is also correct that the final executable files are much smaller than the files that they're made of. To make a long story short, that's just the nature of building software from scratch.

I'm not sure what you mean by "AI/health bar/inventory/conversation box". There is a HUD display in the GUI, indicating the player's health, ammo etc. in the bluish boxes near the bottom of the screen. These GUI elements can all be modified, but you should really use the latest source code if you're after this, as these aspects of the code have changed significantly in the past.

3rd person camera is not directly supported at this time. We have an open ticket for this (##106), but here too the related code has much changed in the past and it still needs some review and care before a ready-to-use solution is available. (If you're interested in looking into it, I'd be very happy to assist and help in any way I can.)

What concerns me most are the problems with the lighting, but from the screenshots that you've posted, it's really difficult to tell what the cause might be. It might be that the files from the file that are not entirely compatible with your program versions (they're entirely incompatible with the current, latest source code), or it may be a problem with your graphics driver, or anything else. Do you see the same problem also in more brightly lit places? Can you please try to run CaLight on e.g. AEonsCanyonTower and see if the problems are still present thereafter?

Re: Cafu Initialization Error

Posted: 2015-05-04, 13:35
by ankan
how to use the cafu_3rdp.patch in builds ?

or just copy cafu_3rdp.patch to source and build the whole engine from the source . need some help.

which options to add when using Calight on AEonsCanyonTower ?

In Cafu debug builds these are the light/shadow problems occur while walking [without using Calight] [attachments]

Re: Cafu Initialization Error

Posted: 2015-05-05, 16:29
by Carsten
Hi ankan,

thanks for posting the screenshots! While they show the problem clearly, a solution is unfortunately not to clear: Things that I would check next are the graphics drivers (do you have the latest drivers installed?), check if the same problem can be observed on a different system (different computer), and ideally use the latest source code as mentioned above. Any solution really depends on the results of these steps.

About the patch, sorry, you cannot apply it at all: The code that this patch was made for is long outdated, and unfortunately I cannot provide any help or support with such old code. At the same time, the patch cannot be used with the current code, because the code has too much changed since then.
Adding 3rd person support to Cafu requires, at this time, at least some basic C++ knowledge to make the required changes. I currently have too little spare time unfortunately to address this myself, but as mentioned above, I'd be happy to help and assist anyone who tries.