Enitiys not appearing

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Enitiys not appearing

Post by Sfisher7 » 2005-11-14, 00:25

I downloaded the MDK and I've been testing the world editor for awhile now. However I can't get the enitiys to show up. I put the right dir. for the .fgd file in the configs. (i'm just testing the editor so i'm using the DM .fgd that came with the MDK.) When I click on the tool for enitiys and use the drop-down list to select an enitiy, it shows nothing :( Anybody know how to fix this?
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Post by Thrawn » 2005-11-14, 15:06

Hi, wecome to the forums!

You can't see the enities in the editor, just the pink boxes for them.

The only enity you can see is a static_detail_model, after you have selected one with Alt+Enter.
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Post by Carsten » 2005-11-14, 19:57

Have you setup CaWE properly?
http://www.ca3d-engine.de/wiki/doku.php ... we:install

Note that you also must provide the proper "Mod Directory" in the Configuration dialog.
Oh, and it is not enough to specify only the directory to the fgd file - the filename is required, too.
:arrow: Please have a look at the above link for more information.
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