Sound system

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Sound system

Post by scott » 2005-11-19, 13:53

Hi Carsten, just wondering, with all the great graphical stuff going on, there isn't much info on the sound system. Is there going to be any changes to it or other features planned?
Not that I think it needs anything, I'm just curious. :)
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Post by Carsten » 2005-11-22, 21:52

Well, I'm playing with the thought of abstracting the sound system in a similar fashion as the MatSys is abstracted, so that it would be easy to have several implementations separately available, and to be able to change among them as easily as with the renderer DLLs.
One implementation would be done with fmod, the currently employed system. I'd also like to add an implementation with OpenAL, and possibly others.
I'm not aware of any really important additional sound features that are currently missing.

Abstracting the sound system is one of my mid- to long-term goals, but currently other issues have precendence. ;)
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