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No Cafu.exe

Posted: 2017-08-09, 23:13
by Pectabyte
Hey guys,

I'm excited to start using Cafu but unfortunately the readme is very out of date. When I cloned the directory there is no "cafu.exe". How do I get started if I cant run an executable? :?:

Re: No Cafu.exe

Posted: 2017-08-10, 10:38
by Carsten
Hi Pectabyte,
welcome to the Cafu forums! :welcome:

If you cloned the repository, you got the source code. You have to compile the source code in order to get an executable file.

Instead you can download the binary release, it has a ready-to-run executable file.

For both, start at

Re: No Cafu.exe

Posted: 2018-09-24, 17:12
by SailorRob
I 've the same problem can't find ready -to-run executable file on

can anyone help me please
Kind regards,


Re: No Cafu.exe

Posted: 2018-09-24, 17:24
by Carsten
Hello Rob,
welcome to the Cafu forums! :welcome:

At the above mentioned dive-in page, you can get the Cafu source code or (a bit lower on the same page in section Binary Releases) ready-made binary demos. The latter come in zip files and contain the executables. :up:

Re: No Cafu.exe

Posted: 2018-10-23, 19:48
by twpmarketing
I've followed this thread and looked at the available pre-compiled binary downloads...

The last one for Linux, 32 bit, is more than 5 years old: ... 686.tar.gz

Could you create a newer file for at least the Linux 32 bit version? I'm assuming that there may have been some changes to your code base since the last one in 2013.


Re: No Cafu.exe

Posted: 2018-10-24, 09:25
by Carsten
Hello TWP,
welcome to the Cafu forums! :welcome:

At this time, I'm unfortunately very occupied with other projects, so I barely have time to create new binary releases. (Actually, coming up with a better build system, likely on the basis of, is intended and planned as a next step towards future maintainability.)
Can you try and compile from source instead, especially as you seem to be using Linux anyways?