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Terrain texture Splatting

Posted: 2005-11-30, 12:31
by scott
I've been trying for months and months to work out the proper name for this particular terrain texturing system. Texture Splatting is what its called.

Here is an example

This method looks 100 times better than Ca3De's current method of having one large overlayed texture and a detail texture.

Its used in a lot of games including ut2004, Call of duty, HL2 etc

So Carsten please consider looking into getting this going with Ca3De, I bet both my balls it will be worth it.

Posted: 2005-11-30, 13:55
by Carsten
Hi Scott,

thanks for the info. This technique is also known as "linear combination of several diffuse maps using a control-map", and is also used e.g. in FarCry. That is, if you have four diffuse maps (e.g. sand, grass, rock and pavement), the four components of each RGBA texel of the control-map define the weights with which each diffuse-map enters the final texel. That is, each R, G, B and A must be between 0 and 1, and R+G+B+A = 1, then
outputPixel = R*sand + G*grass + B*rock + A*pavement.

I've not yet implemented an appropriate MatSys shader for this technique simply because I currently don't have enough spare time for it.
I bet both my balls it will be worth it.
Lucky you...

Re: Terrain texture Splatting

Posted: 2005-11-30, 14:07
by Thrawn
scott wrote:I bet both my balls it will be worth it.
Agreed, I'm with you

Posted: 2005-11-30, 14:36
by scott
Well its good to know its on the list. :)