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Binary vs Latest Release?

Posted: 2019-01-17, 02:16
by Wolfsong73

Was just curious how far behind the full binary releases are from the latest code version?

I'm really kinda 'dumb' when it comes to working with code/compiling code.. so I'd rather just work with a straight binary version. But I'm wondering how far behind that puts me, feature and capability wise.


Re: Binary vs Latest Release?

Posted: 2019-01-18, 10:16
by Carsten
Hello Wolfsong73,
welcome to the Cafu forums! :welcome:

Unfortunately, our binary demo releases are really lagging behind. This is due to both my current lack of time as well as to the way these releases are made. I'm currently working to switch our build process to CMake, of which I hope that it simplifies and speeds up the entire process, including distribution, installers, etc.

Until then, I recommend that you try and follow the Getting Started with the Cafu Source Code section and build the binaries from source.

Re: Binary vs Latest Release?

Posted: 2019-04-16, 21:51
by Ethael
Hey Carsten, how are you doing? ;)
I want to ask for the new builds, are they in work? In the Getting Started with the source is a broken link for the express versions of microsoft's visual studio. Would be very nice to see how cafu has changed.
I will use Cafu's binary from 2016 again, because i made progress in 3D modeling with Blender.

By the way, i see your from germany - that's good ^^

Re: Binary vs Latest Release?

Posted: 2019-04-25, 12:09
by Carsten
Hi Ethael,

sorry for the delay! Many details have changed since the previous binary release was made and I'll need a couple more days to bring everything up to date so that a new release can be built. I'll finish this as soon as possible and let you know as soon as it is available!

Btw., I'm also in the process of moving the docs to, where they are better placed and easier to maintain. This is not yet finished though and eventually I'll also review them in order to at least remove the obsolete parts.

Re: Binary vs Latest Release?

Posted: 2019-04-26, 23:04
by Ethael
Okay, that's good, i'm looking forward to the new release, and thanks for the information ;)

Re: Binary vs Latest Release?

Posted: 2019-04-30, 10:39
by Carsten
Hello Ethael,

I've just uploaded a new package, please see the Dive-In page at “Binary Releases”.
Can you please try that?

Please note that the active development of Cafu has slowed down somewhat over the last few years. This is because I'm very involved in a couple of other projects, so you may find not many changes in the new release at all.