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Winter break is over - back up and running again :-)

Posted: 2006-01-09, 22:26
by Carsten
Hello all,

just wanted to let you all know that my "involuntary" winter/christmas/new-year break is over now, and that I'm working full-steam ahead on Ca3DE again! :captain:

During the last 2 to 3 weeks, I've read many good books (e.g., played a good computer game (F.E.A.R.), re-installed the OS'es on my computers (some of them at least), upgraded most software that I use (inclusive the VC++ compiler for Ca3DE dev, separate announcement will follow soon), re-organized and cleaned up the folders on my hard-disks, re-organized and cleaned up the folders in my shelves (the real ones), did a bit of Ca3DE development, and did a lot of other good and fun stuff. I'm also in the process of re-building my favourite internet router and firewall software (see on new, dedicated hardware (, which is highly educative, entertaining and time consuming. However, the Ca3DE public Subversion server is accessible again, and I hope to be able to complete the rest soon.

With all that finally being done, all servers running again, all new software being installed, it was high time today to fully dig into Ca3DE development again, and get all that interesting work continued! :wohow: :bash:

While most of the work on the upcoming Ca3DE TechDemo is done invisibly behind-the-scenes, with a small but dedicated team of people, a great progress has already been achieved in many regards.
I hope that we will be able to at least post a few preliminary screenshots in about a month, and independent of that, I plan to make another public Ca3DE demo release (without the TechDemo, but with all the other enhancements) soon.

Posted: 2006-01-09, 23:17
by Thrawn
Very nice to hear that Carsten!

I just can ask everyone to get back to business, together we can do it! If there is anybody who wants to help us, just post here, tell us in IRC or via mail. we still search some contributors ;)

Personally, I was very lazy during vacations and spent most of my time playing Cossacks 2, Mafia and Vietcong.

I also messed around a lot with L3DT and looks like I soon get enough of it and try other software :S Let's see.

I prepared a first example terrain that I'll post soon, together with a second, that I'm currently still working on. L3DT makes work hard :S Need a bit more time

I also continued my work on the MDK Graphical Surfaces 2.0 which has been now canceled until some announced engine/tools changes are made.

I also tested CaWE (dev beta version) a bit and submitted a small bug report to Carsten ;), formated my system and began to learn modelling with Blender.

Last but not least my photo textures pack has been finished 1-2 months ago, but it still isn't released to public yet, I'll take care of that later this week. And prepare yourself for a photo textures pack 2.0 (someday) and some screens of the Graphical Surfaces 2.0 this week too!


Posted: 2006-01-10, 02:14
by Carsten
Yeah, I agree, it can be difficult to work with L3DT.
I too have spend quite some time to try out and compare the most important terrain editing programs a while ago, because hardly any of them really works well. Each has pros and most of them also significant cons.
My favourites are those marked with a "[3]" in this list: . Sometimes it's also good to combine them, and sometimes even a graphics program like PhotoShop, PaintShop, TheGimp, etc. is useful.

The work-flow that I liked best was to start with TerraFormer or WorldMachine, then do the hand-work and fine-tuning in Leveller, and finally render the diffuse terrain base texture in Terragen.
That method is feasible and yields very good results, but it's also a bit complicated, admittedly, so if you happen to find a method that works better, please let me know.