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What files are absolutely needed?

Posted: 2019-07-10, 17:39
by xjonx
I compiled a release. However, the file structure is very messy with source files and python files everywhere. What can I safely delete for a release build?
Keep in mind, I copied everything from "\Cafu\build\win32\vc11\x86\release" to "\Cafu" because Cafu said it couldn't find any games from the release directory (and your compile guide said to do this anyways).

Re: What files are absolutely needed?

Posted: 2019-07-11, 10:27
by Carsten
Dear xjonx,
welcome to the Cafu forums! :welcome:

Do you mind looking this up in the Python script that I use to make the Cafu binary release? Please have a look at: ...

If you have trouble, I'll explain what the script does.

Re: What files are absolutely needed?

Posted: 2019-07-11, 19:56
by xjonx
The python script only reports directories, not files. Also, this seems to compile a demo release, like the precompiled (old) binary builds you provide (CaSanity is missing, for example where as I have it compiled). I am still unsure of what is safe to delete. Like, Common only has source files can I delete that? And build, since I already copied the stuff from there can I just delete that?

Re: What files are absolutely needed?

Posted: 2019-07-12, 10:35
by Carsten
Yes, for a release, you can delete everything that is listed in source_dirs, please see: ... #lines-208
but not CaWE/res and maybe some of the textures that you want to keep.

Alternatively, maybe the function at ... y#lines-74 works even better for you?
Sorry that I didn't mention this earlier, but reconsidering I recommend using that, it's more versatile.