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Fallout Tactics mod

Posted: 2006-01-22, 17:07
by Rouge
I am working on a mod based on the rpg Fallout Tactics ( the mod is a Battlefield-style FPS ), with the C++ and 3d modeler I'm good, but I'm not good as game designer.
Someone has some ideas for the gameplay ?
I was thinking on an experience ( like in the rpg )based gameplay, not class based as in Battlefield.

Posted: 2006-01-24, 17:14
by Thrawn
Hi Rouge, welcome to the forums!
You should have a completed design document before starting the content creation. Write down every single piece of information that has something to do with your project. Think about what you want to have at the end and then some ideas about gameplay, features etc will come automatically!
If you are done, you could post it here, I'm sure that we could help you add some new ideas to it.

Btw do you have any old work, to show us your "skills"?

Posted: 2006-01-25, 21:20
by Rouge
Thank you for the tips.
Well, best part of work are minimod for battlefield 2 and half life (modifications to the classes, to the vehicles, to the AI, alsoa bit of physics, some models and skin...).
To model in 3D I have always used MicroStation 95, MilkShape 3D Trial from when I was 12 years old (I now have 15 of it), I have studied the C+ alone on a book (C+ How Program to Pragram, Fifth Edition of Harvey M. Deitel). I Have as soon as installed gmax 1.2 and I are learning to use it.

I won't begin to program the game up to June, because I have too much problems with the school.

my ideas for the game are :

system of the open classes (pick up any weapon or item without change the kit)
every vehicle (ruined tanks, jeep of the raiders like in the Interceptor film)
increase of the abilities of the player
destructible buildings
urban levels with each visitable building
I for the factions thought about those already present in Fallout Tactics (marauders, brotherhood of steel, mutants, radio [zombie], robots) more anybody invented from me (I thought about a faction composed cops, ex Swat, any guys, ex Marine)

Posted: 2006-03-01, 22:04
by Rouge
I am thinking at a WarHammer 40K Fps or a Vietnam war fps or a survival horror game like The Suffering

Posted: 2006-03-02, 14:13
by Thrawn
You really have to have a clear idea about everything! Decide on a topic and plan every single detail! You have to be 100% sure about what you want. Otherwhise, you will fail.

Posted: 2006-07-28, 22:13
by Rouge

Well im thinking to create a game like Brothers in Arms : with realistc markmanship, gunnery......, BUT with object penetraction by the bullets ( a stockade or a tree ISN'T a bulletproof cover from a 30.06 bullet or a 75 mm cannon shell ) and with ballistics physic.
with ballistics and markmanship, I bought and read a lot of books and i download and read from the US Marine Corp site a lot of manuals ( all the FM manuals including Marmanship 200 pages, machinegunnery 393pp, sniping 240 pages ...........)

PS : sorry for the english, in Italy they teach us a lousy english.