Cafu for a beginner

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Cafu for a beginner

Post by Crollan » 2020-05-15, 10:35

Hi there,

I'm a total beginner in 3D game development. I have some knowledge of c++. I am looking for free 3D game engines with enough of resource, tutorials and guidance in c++. Is cafu something I should look into as a complete newbie?

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Re: Cafu for a beginner

Post by Carsten » 2020-05-16, 08:27

Hello Crollan,
welcome to the Cafu forums! :welcome:
Is cafu something I should look into as a complete newbie?
That is hard to tell. The best suggestion is that you start by looking into the Cafu source code and decide for yourself.

Unfortunately, in the recent years I've had very little spare time for the further development and maintenance of Cafu. To be honest, while I'll be able to answer most questions, please don't expect me available at all times. In fact and to be fair, I suggest that you also look into other 3D engines before you decide into which one you'll want to dig deeper.
Best regards,
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