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Hi, ragdoll physics and mobile support

Posted: 2020-10-12, 16:01
by unmais

I'm part of an indie game development team and we're thinking about using Cafu.

However, our game has two key needs that seem to be at least partially unsupported by Cafu at the moment: ragdoll complex physics (fine-grained collision detection, skinnable skeleton animation) and Android/iOS targets.

Could you please give some hints about how time- and effort-consuming would be to add those two? Any insights will be appreciated.


Re: Hi, ragdoll physics and mobile support

Posted: 2020-10-13, 10:27
by Carsten
Hi unmais,
welcome to the Cafu forums! :welcome:

Unfortunately, I've found only very little spare time in the past to further develop Cafu, so it is difficult for me to come up with a solid answer to your questions. Please see Is Cafu right for our game of genre "..."? in the FAQs, I hope it helps.