Dedicated server setup [was: "Models"]

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Dedicated server setup [was: "Models"]

Post by Carsten » 2004-08-30, 11:24

Shadow wrote:yes online would be fun
is there anything special u have 2 do? i can set up my other comp as a dedicated maybe but its only running on a 12mb connection... otherwise maybe i could convert over my webserver... carsten?
Well, unfortunately the current servers (including the Linux version) all require a GUI (that is, an X server and window manager) installation.
That makes it impossible to run them on almost all internet server machines.
If however you happen to have a Windows server as your website server, or can run the Linux server on a machine with the OpenGL libraries installed, then there is nothing special in running the demo in server-only mode.
Hope that helps.

This thread started in the "Graphical Artwork" category, and I moved the answer here.
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