Lighting Question

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Lighting Question

Post by StrungOut » 2006-09-17, 09:09

Hi Carsten,
Is this engine capable of spherical harmonic lighting or is that feature still in development? Do you have any screens? Is this type of lighting feasible in large outdoor environments?
Thanks/Danke :)
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Post by Thrawn » 2006-09-17, 11:20

Welcome to the forums!

As far as I know, SHL is implented but it's not included in the released deathmatch mod nor in it's source code that is included in the SDK.

I'm sure Carsten can answer you your answers better ;)

You can find screenshots of SHL in a special PDF document of Carsten, beginning at site 58.

Methods for Real-Time Lighting
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Post by Carsten » 2006-09-18, 11:56

Hi StrungOut,

Thrawn is right: I've implemented SHL for my diploma thesis within the Ca3D-Engine and still maintain the code, but I currently don't actively support it.
SHL has many pros and cons, you may see my thesis and the scientific papers by the original researchers referenced therein for more details.

Please feel free to post again if you have more specific questions.
Best regards,
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