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Other games

Post by theguywhogoton » 2007-03-25, 23:37

Why isn't there any place to download user-made games? I would like to do that, I think that more people would download Ca3D if they could try out some of the games made with it. I would have liked to try some games made by other users...
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Post by Carsten » 2007-03-26, 13:48


well, have you seen the Ca3DE TechDemo? It's a DeathMatch-style example game that comes with the Ca3D-Engine.

Besides that, making entirly new games with Ca3DE is nothing that you do on a single weekend - it's a full-time job for a multi-person team. Other Ca3DE MODs exist, but they aren't public, usually for reasons the developers keep for themselves (e.g. publishing them only when done, for internal research only, etc.)

Nonetheless, you're heartily invited to join and help with making new games, maps, textures etc. for Ca3DE. See for example the documentation at the Wiki and the resources at the main website.
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