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Post by scott » 2004-08-23, 09:22

Well its been a while since I have been here, and I felt like nosing in on how your progress is coming along Carsten with CA3D, got any exciting news you feel like sharing? :)
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Re: Updates?

Post by Carsten » 2004-08-23, 10:52

scott wrote:got any exciting news you feel like sharing? :)
Well, yes. :)
Despite it has been pretty quiet in the forums etc., there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes.

I'm currently working on finishing the new Ca3DE Material System.
This MatSys will become a very important component of Ca3DE, as it will control all rendering soon. Moreover, the MatSys makes the Ca3D-Engine very flexible from a code-design point-of-view. I.e. it will become much simpler than before to support new rendering effects or even entirely different rendering APIs. Implementing effects like Environment Mapping, reflective and refractive water surfaces, D3 like materials and a lot more can then easily be added. Moreover, implementing MatSys renderers for software rendering, DirectX, xbox, playstation etc. becomes pretty easy once it is finished.
Right now, the biggest parts of the MatSys are already working, and I'll start to replace all Ca3DE rendering with the new MatSys rendering during this week (a huge task).

In parallel, a lot of work is going on about the planned TechDemo. Kai is creating a lot of very high-quality artwork for it.

Moreover, John Swartz and I are programming on CaWE, the new Ca3DE World Editor.

Unfortunately, all this takes a lot of time for us few.
Ideally, we needed a good mapper to work on the map for the TechDemo, and at least one additional good programmer to work on CaWE. CaWE is crucial for the TechDemo, as we need it in order to be able to properly place bezier patches (for all kinds of curved surfaces, mostly pipes and handrails) into the map. No support for bezier patches is currently in CaWE, and must still be added from scratch. (The big problem is the user interface, btw.)

In summary, here is what is going to happen before the next release:
- Completion of the MatSys.
- Completion of CaWE at least so far that we can add bezier patches.
- Completion of the TechDemo, which includes textures, models, and the map.
If this takes much longer than expected and the next release cannot be finished the latest in November, we might make a small intermediate release, but I have not spent much thoughts about it right now.

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Post by scott » 2004-08-23, 11:51

thats excellent, I'm glad to hear you have another programmer helping you out with CAWE.
November isnt that far off, I was expecting to see the next release about a quater of the way through next year :D
Well keep up the excellent work and good luck with replacing the rendering :)
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