Adding own textures?

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Adding own textures?

Post by Daniel » 2008-05-27, 01:01

I can't seem to make textures I add to show up in the new brush thing when you look for a texture, where do I put the images, and how to I make them show up?

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Re: Adding own textures?

Post by Thrawn » 2008-05-27, 11:06

Hi Daniel, the Wiki containts a lot of useful articles!

There is an own tutorial for adding own textures, which should answer your question! Check it out!
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Re: Adding own textures?

Post by Carsten » 2008-05-27, 16:39

Moreover, we will simplify the creation of materials in the next release:
It will then be possible to use an image file name (e.g. Textures/myImages/StoneWall.png) as a material name, and the Ca3DE Material System will automatically internally create a full material from it with default definition.
Even better, the MatSys will also automatically find related normal-, specular- and luma-maps, and these materials will also automatically show up in the Material Browser in CaWE.

These changes are part of our efforts to make it (much) easier to make new materials and models for Ca3DE - for materials, it will be sufficient to copy the texture images into the Textures/ subdirectory and be done! :wohow:

:v: Btw., the same key idea has also been implemented for the new Sound System, where using a sound file name (anything that ends with .ogg, .mp3 or .wav) as a sound shader name already works very well.
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