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Posted: 2008-06-30, 15:58
by William
Hello im a former customer of realmcrafter and to be honest i really did not like the whole entire setup the way it was programed the animation graphics design well they came out with 9.oc but it still sucked honstly version 2.0 came out and its still messed up the only thing i liked about it was how ezy it was to program in that game for instant here is a quick quest script for a MMORPG game .

Code: Select all

function Main()

	Player = Actor()
	PlayerName = Name(Player)
	Target = ContextActor()
	TargetName = Name(Target)
	QuestName = "my quest name"
	QuestResults = QuestStatus(Player, QuestName)
	QuestReturn = "Return to " $+ TargetName $+ " to complete this quest."

	// Objective Variables for Quest completion
	WaitSpeakName = "the npcs name to speak to seeing that this is a speak quest"
	WaitSpeakID = FindActor(WaitSpeakName, 2)

	// Variables for Rewards
	RewardMoney = 0
	RewardXp = 0
	RewardItem = "item-name to give to player once quest is completed"
	RewardItemQuantity = 1
	RewardFaction = "faction name"
	RewardFactionValue = 0

	QuestStatusText = "this is the detail i will say about the new quest for others such as the in" $+ CHR(45) $+ "game players to read"
	D = OpenDialog(Player, Target, TargetName)
	// Player Greeting to NPC:
	DialogOutput(Player, D, "Hail " $+ TargetName $+ "", 255, 255, 255)
	DoEvents (1000)

	// NPC Greeting to Player:
	DialogOutput(Player, D, "Hail " $+ PlayerName $+ "", 255, 255, 255)
	DoEvents (1000)

	If (QuestResults $= "")
		// The quest needs to be started

		DialogOutput(Player, D, "this is where they will ask if you accept my quest or decline my quest", 255, 255, 255)
		Result = DialogInput(Player, D, "Accept Quest", "Refuse Quest")

		If (Result == 1)

			// Create the new quest

			NewQuest(Player, QuestName, QuestStatusText, 255, 255, 255)
			QuestTemp = QuestName $+ ": " $+ QuestStatusText
			Output(Player, QuestTemp, 255, 255, 255)
			CloseDialog(Player, D)
			// Wait to speak to NPC
			WaitSpeak(Player, WaitSpeakID)
			D = OpenDialog(Player, WaitSpeakID, WaitSpeakName)


			CloseDialog(Player, D)

	ElseIf (QuestResults $= QuestReturn)
		// The quest has been almost completed, assign rewards

		DialogOutput(Player, D, "You have completed " $+ QuestName $+ "" $+ CHR(44) $+ " great job !", 255, 255, 255)
		DialogResult = DialogInput(Player, D, "Goodbye")

		CompleteQuest(Player, QuestName)
		// Item reward for Step/Quest
		GiveItem(Player, RewardItem, RewardItemQuantity)

		// XP reward for Step/Quest
		GiveXp(Player, RewardXp)

		// Money reward for Step/Quest
		ChangeGold(Player, RewardMoney)

		// Faction change
		ChangeFactionRating(Player, RewardFaction, RewardFactionValue)

		Output(Player, "You take " $+ RewardItemQuantity $+ " " $+ RewardItem $+ " and " $+ RewardMoney $+ "gp and " $+ RewardXp $+ "xp you have earnt it!")
		CloseDialog(Player, D)

	ElseIf (QuestComplete(Player, QuestName) == 1)
		// The quest has been completed

		DialogOutput(Player, D, "Thanks for helping me out with " $+ QuestName $+ "" $+ CHR(44) $+ " I have no other quests for you at this time ... good day !", 255, 255, 255)
		DoEvents (1000)

		CloseDialog(Player, D)
		//  The quest has been started but not completed

		DialogOutput(Player, D, "You have not yet completed the " $+ QuestName $+ " quest for me!", 255, 255, 255)
		DialogOutput(Player, D, "You will need to begin your last task again" $+ CHR(44) $+ " " $+ QuestStatusText, 255, 255, 255)
		DialogResult = DialogInput(Player, D, "Goodbye")

		CloseDialog(Player, D)



End Function

now you see how ezy all of that stuff looks i mean a 5 minute person that says hey i want to be a game programer could understand that.

but the whole purpose of this topic is is that is this engine really worth it?

i found this engine and will be installing it in the next couple of days after doing some research on it.

But is the terrain editor good can we implement our own Terrain editor withing the program. The servers are they good will they produce alot of lag i will be having my server hosted on a dedicated server.

also if you have any other qustions out there that will help me understand the full potential of this engine plz tell me

Re: Hello

Posted: 2008-07-01, 10:53
by Carsten
William, your post is incoherent at best, both wrt. the English language (no grammar, no punctuation, etc.) and the contents (is it about Ca3DE at all?). I understand next to nothing about it.
Please read and heed

Unless clarified, the entire topic will be deleted within the next three days.

Re: Hello

Posted: 2008-07-01, 12:16
by scott
^I think I can answer some of these Carsten :)

Ca3de isn't specifically designed for mmo's like Realmcrafter is, its more generic so it can be tailored to almost any game you would want to create, so you would have to do a lot more programming to do what you want. The free version of Ca3de only comes with a generic deathmatch game and the games source code thus it would be unsuitable to make an MMO. For an MMO you would really need the whole engine source code, Ca3de's inbuilt networking would have to be modified to handle massive player loads, with the c++ source code this could be done. (I may be wrong though, I'm sure Carsten will correct me)
You could easily create quests for your game just like the script you posted using the LUA scripting language, but in order to do that you would need to have all your gameplay systems coded in c++ first.

Right now the terrain editor is very basic, you can only really load height maps and a basic material, but this will soon be updated with proper texturing, editing tools and a foliage system. I don't know when though
Don't know about adding features to the editor for terrain tools though, it would be pointless with the upcoming tools.

Re: Hello

Posted: 2008-07-01, 14:29
by William
thankyou scott that is exactly what i wanted to here mr.admin im sry for my language but its just a forum where ppl type know even tho my language was bad you and everyone else was able to read it im sry i wasnt the kid that made straight a+s in school okay.

and that was a very good detailed explanation of the answer i was looking for thanks scott

and how was that post incoherent u did not make the post i did my ideas and my thought were put together on that post what u think is totaly diffrent to what other ppl think well execpt for hitler he was the only one that made ppl think exactly like him so if ur not him then ur thoughts are not the same as mine so in that that question is not incoherent

and how the heck could you not understand any of my questions i mean cmon man there not hard at all lets see umm

is the engine really worth it?

how hard is that question to understand honstly

Re: Hello

Posted: 2008-07-01, 15:40
by scott
Carstens first language isn't English so he obviously had trouble reading the way you write thats all.

Re: Hello

Posted: 2008-07-01, 16:45
by Carsten
Dear Scott,

thank you very much for your help with answering that post. Your summary of Ca3DE features is great, but I'd like to add that we'll release new version 8.08 soon that will contain a terrain editor built directly into CaWE. That terrain editor won't allow texturing the terrain (I'll link and document great alternative programs that do that much better as soon as 8.08 is released), but it has great capabilities to edit the terrain shape.

About William: He's just a troll. He wrote me a very offensive and hateful PM, he's reporting posts with reason "lol just to make u work more", then see his thoughtful babbling about Hitler above, etc.
As we have more forum users and silent readers than just him, and his inappropriate behavior violates the forum rules, he is now banned.

I'm happy to provide help to anyone, with everything related to Ca3DE and also with things not related to Ca3DE, but I will not tolerate behavior that can be offensive to others.

Re: Hello

Posted: 2008-07-02, 06:19
by scott
Shame you have to put up with rubbish like that, but glad to hear about the terrain editing tool coming in the next build, you ought to put some screenshots onto the wiki

Re: Hello

Posted: 2008-07-02, 10:17
by Carsten
Will do that soon! :-D
We're currently finishing the "road" ("path") sub-tool of the terrain editor that allows you to create linear ramps (arbitrarily curved along a track painted with the mouse) between points of different altitude.

As soon as that is done, Jörn and I will write the documentation about the terrain editor tool in the Wiki documentation, inclusive screenshots. Editing works directly in the 3D and 2D views, real-time preview, the subtools include "raise", "lower", "flatten", "fill", "ablate", "soften", "sharpen" and "road", and new terrains can (optionally) be generated from Perlin noise, and there are good capabilities for import and export of terrains with full 16 BPP precision (so it's easy to use Terragen or the new World Machine to create a base texture for the terrain).