Upcoming 8.09 Version - Big Bug-Fix Release for Mappers

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Upcoming 8.09 Version - Big Bug-Fix Release for Mappers

Post by Carsten » 2008-08-19, 22:53

I'm happy to announce that we've started work on the next release immediately after the most recent 8.08 was out - and that we've already found and fixed plenty of bugs, especially in the Ca3DE World Editor "CaWE".

One of the most important issues that we will address is "picking", that is, left-click object selection in the 3D views. Our current implementation in the 8.08 release works well on most systems with NVidia graphics board and driver, but we experience some problems on systems with ATI graphics, where the details and symptoms vary widely with the driver version.

Therefore, the next release will contain an entirely new picking system (based on ray intersection tests, and thus being driver independent) that works reliably and stable on all systems.

Together with plenty of other small (but crucial!) bug-fixes and usability improvements, we will start publishing release candidates for the new 8.09 release soon. :wohow:

Stay tuned! :up:
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