Cafu SVN won't let me compile...

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Cafu SVN won't let me compile...

Post by jiapei100 » 2010-01-29, 14:35

I just follow what's written in

After a scons -Q, I obtained the following error message

Code: Select all

jiapei@jiapei-laptop:~/Tools/Cafu-svn-20100129$ scons -Q
ImportError: No module named CompilerSetup:
  File "/home/jiapei/Tools/Cafu-svn-20100129/SConstruct", line 2:
    import CompilerSetup
Any suggestions?

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Re: Cafu SVN won't let me compile...

Post by Carsten » 2010-01-29, 16:32

Dear Jia,

did you copy file to ?

This is described in section "Compiler Setup" at the Getting Started page, but it is easily overlooked there. (I'll change this to be more prominent in a moment.)
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