is reflect/refract support in Cafu?

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is reflect/refract support in Cafu?

Post by fatfatson » 2010-02-21, 13:58

i have searched all the source, and didn't found anything about reflect&refract support( at least a render texture and an extra render pass? ), but the gallery contains many water pictures. am i missing something?
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Re: is reflect/refract support in Cafu?

Post by Carsten » 2010-02-21, 23:30

The reflection is currently implemented as a "cubemap" reflection, see files
Cafu/Libs/MaterialSystem/RendererCgARB1/Shaders/A_WaterCubeReflect.cpp or
for details. In other words, these shaders can reflect the skies, but not the terrain or map objects.

Implementing full reflection is among the most important things to be done in the future - I'll post a new web page with a roadmap for Cafu soon. If you wish to help with the implementation, I'd be very happy about it and your help would much be appreciated!
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