Segfaults and memory usage

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Segfaults and memory usage

Post by cochise » 2010-03-28, 17:09

runing the demos i have some segfaults on video buffer (violation of acces memory) impeding me to use graphic applications after a reboot (a xorg reinit not solve the problem :shock: ) and the memory consume is very impressive for simple demos (~900 MB for DeathMatch :shock: )
I'm runing Cafu on a atom n270 netbook without a "real" 3d hardware (onbloard intel) and linux. I'm actualy is compiling the r47.

1 - anyone report graphic segfaults too? It's a problem of hardware, version of Cafu, version of driver?

2 - What methods of caching and load on demand maps Cafu has? Someone like DeusEX or WoW (load a radius of map) or submaps?
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Re: Segfaults and memory usage

Post by Carsten » 2010-03-29, 02:11

Hi cochise,

well, the TechDemo map is indeed huge and requires a lot of memory accordingly (see Minimum System Requirements in the documentation).
You can try to run another map instead of the TechDemo, e.g. BPRockB or ReNoEcho, they're all (much) smaller, this should help to get you started.

I'm not aware of any segfaults or other problems, neither graphics related nor anywhere else. Most likely these problems are from memory depletion or driver issues. If the problems continue to occur also with smaller maps, can you please run Cafu under debugger control and post a backtrace?

Maps are normally loaded completely into memory (as with the TechDemo), but you can implement automatic loading of another map via trigger entities in order to simulate large, seamless maps.
Best regards,
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