3rd person view

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3rd person view

Post by DarkStar » 2010-05-15, 15:45

how can i make the in-game camera a 3rd person perspective
behind the back camera.
like the one in gta games :?:
in the deathmatch game there is only first person view
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Re: 3rd person view

Post by Carsten » 2010-05-16, 22:12

Hi DarkStar,
DarkStar wrote:how can i make the in-game camera a 3rd person perspective
We currently don't have ready-made code that demonstrates this, but you can implement this yourself with moderate effort:
As indicated in thread flying script, please see files

Games/DeathMatch/Code/HumanPlayer.hpp and

I'm happy to help you with any specific details and questions that you might encounter, and sorry that we currently don't have enough spare time to come up with a full solution (as much as we would).
Best regards,
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