Cafu minimum requirements

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Cafu minimum requirements

Post by Sharingansushi » 2010-08-08, 02:22

Hello all. I have recently developed a game in Leadwerks entitled Zombie Bounty: Unload for Gold. It is free to play and you can obtain it from this link. ...

And the thing that bothered me is the fact that some people cannot play my game because of the minimal system requirements that are needed in order to play the game.

I was wondering, what are the minimal requirements to play a game made with the Cafu Engine?

Also my art website is if anyone needs models.

Thanks everyone.
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Re: Cafu minimum requirements

Post by Carsten » 2010-08-09, 11:09

Hi Sharingansushi,
welcome to the Cafu forums! :welcome:

Please see Cafu Engine Minimum System Requirements for details.
Best regards,
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Re: Cafu minimum requirements

Post by Saniro » 2011-01-29, 00:17

I know this thread is old, But ive gotten cafu engine to work at a great framerate with only 512 mb of RAM.
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