PBX: Paintball Extreme

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PBX: Paintball Extreme

Post by Shadow » 2004-10-14, 01:10

http://www.seigelords.com/Hiethan is the website. currently there are no pages added so dont complain the links dont work. right now i am working on a button to turn music off, touching up the graphics, and adding content. let me know what you think of the site. by sunday morning i am going to have a design document up and if i dont somebody yell at me. kai is currently working on a gun and i am working on a couple maps. after that just need a basic player and i can start altering some code to work for this game. im going to try my hardest to get a demo in the next 2-3 weeks but might be hard cause im still learning ca3d... oh well. just thought i would tell ya guys.
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Post by Edareot » 2004-11-07, 15:19

Great, I look forward to seeing your creation. How much of the Ca3De source have you edited? (just out of curiosity).
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Post by Thrawn » 2004-11-28, 13:07

Anything new?
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