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New game project

Posted: 2011-01-27, 02:52
by Saniro
I was kinda thinking of putting off the Zelda Project for a while. (I'm not that much of a zelda fan, but think it would be cool to have multiplayer)

I wanted to make a game with a more appropriate genre for the engine.

I'm starting to work on it now. What to name it? Red Mode seems like a fitting and original name (didn't find any game with the name when i searched google). Genre: free-roam 1stps/3rdps game. A game based on modern world conflict with every current superpower based on factions (with a few other factions such as Gangs, Rioters/protesters/mobs, police force, militias/terrorists/cults). Planned Factions:
U.S., China, Russia, North Korea, South Korea, Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Britain, France, Cuba, Afghanistan. Gangs/militias/etc.: Taliban, Mobs (protesters), Mafia, Street Gangs, Aryans (Nazis, scattered through Europe and North America), Latin American Drug cartels, African militias, civilians.

Why name it Red mode? A few reasons: Red as in communism, Red as in Severe Security Alert.