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Compiled Source Code

Posted: 2012-02-01, 21:47
by Sebapugliese
First I sorry for my English is pretty bad since I only speak Spanish and more Spanish.Second congratulate the author of the engine is a great tool. And thirdly my question. Compile the source code and everything was great, but when trying to open models with the model edit I get the following error "No game configurations found", and I do not open anything, try setting from the configuration option but I can not understand. Perhaps this problem is resolved in the forum somewhere but I can not find where. I await your help. Greetings from Argentina.
Sebastian Pugliese

Re: Compiled Source Code

Posted: 2012-02-02, 02:34
by Carsten
Hi Sebastian,
welcome to the Cafu forums! :welcome:

Did you run CaWE from the Cafu top-level directory?

For example, on my system,

Code: Select all

d:\Dev\Cafu> dir
2012-02-02  00:28    <DIR>          .
2012-02-02  00:28    <DIR>          ..
2011-08-10  10:43    <DIR>          build
2012-01-09  22:17    <DIR>          Ca3DE
2011-11-19  10:20    <DIR>          CaBSP
2010-12-05  00:39    <DIR>          CaLight
2010-08-27  23:01    <DIR>          CaPVS
2010-08-27  23:01    <DIR>          CaSHL
2011-10-26  09:18    <DIR>          CaTools
2012-01-17  09:51    <DIR>          CaWE
2010-07-26  14:59    <DIR>          Common
2011-08-24  10:34    <DIR>          Doxygen
2012-01-12  15:11    <DIR>          ExtLibs
2011-06-13  11:45    <DIR>          Fonts
2012-01-15  10:46    <DIR>          Games
2012-01-09  22:18    <DIR>          Libs
2010-07-26  15:06    <DIR>          Misc

d:\Dev\Cafu> build\win32\vc10\x86\debug\CaWE\CaWE.exe
(By the way, I moved this thread from the "Models, Materials, ..." forum to the "Support and Discussion" forum, where it is a better fit.)

Re: Compiled Source Code

Posted: 2012-02-02, 13:19
by Sebapugliese
Thank you for your answer. If you run from the root of the error resulting compilation is "Subdirectory not found, Could not find directory" CaWe "" then what I did was clone the directory version 9.06 and replace all files with the new compilation maintaining structure of version 9.06, thus a perfect start, but I can not configure CaWe to achieve open models. The configuration file CaWe that come from?
I await your comments

Re: Compiled Source Code

Posted: 2012-02-02, 16:30
by Carsten
Hi Sebastian,

I'm sorry but I really don't understand your description of the problem:
First I though you compiled Cafu from source code yourself as described at Getting Started with the Source Code, but now you're referring to binary edition 9.06 as well?

Whatever you downloaded, did you preserve the directory hierarchy when you unzipped?

In any case, both the binary as well as the source code releases should work as documented. You should not mix files and directories of different releases!

If you cannot get it running, please post console logs and/or screenshots of what you did and the error messages.

Re: Compiled Source Code

Posted: 2012-02-02, 16:37
by Sebapugliese
I do not mean the binary version 9.06, but the directory structure of that version. Just the problem is to open models with CaWe version, when I open some mdl model, tells me that no game is not set, I mean better?? What I was consulted if there are any CaWe configuration file (eg fgd css files) where the configuration takes CaWe

Re: Compiled Source Code

Posted: 2012-02-02, 20:54
by Sebapugliese
It works !!!!, now enjoy. thank you very much

Re: Compiled Source Code

Posted: 2012-02-03, 01:50
by Carsten
Thanks for the info. It's great to hear that!