Material types? Sound triggers?

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Material types? Sound triggers?

Post by HWGuy » 2012-02-28, 08:52

Either I've failed to find it or it doesn't exist; is there an assignable material type for textures? Either text or numerical group value.
This simple feature is essential for a wide variety of things, if you shoot it what sound does it make, what kind of mark does does it leave, if you walk on it what sound does it make, friction, collision dampening, in some games even "temperature factor".

Another thing that should be added is a new form of volume, "sound modifier" which would have two values; echo/reverb and dampening.
Could also have an assignable sound which loops while you're in the volume, when you leave or enter the volume the sound and values fade in and out.
This could have a binary output so it can be used as a regular trigger volume.
This feature missing can be worked around, but working around it missing would be as much work as implementing it.

I personally find these two features even more important then a new rendering device... a game world is dead without good sound.
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Re: Material types? Sound triggers?

Post by Carsten » 2012-02-28, 23:26

Sorry, no such features yet.
All that we currently have, besides playback of background music tracks, is the speaker entity, which implements a subset of the features that you describe.

Worse, I realize that we don't seem to have any worthwhile documentation about it, but you may have a look at section
Insert new entity class in EntityClassDefs.lua, which refers to the speaker entity indirectly,
and to, which is about the speaker entity as well.

Sorry for not having more at the moment (but as always, any help to improve things is welcome!).
Best regards,
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