C++, Cafu and game on old engine

Get technical support about the C++ source code and about Lua scripts for maps, entities, GUIs, the console, materials, etc. Also covered are the Cafu libraries and APIs, as well as compiling, linking, and the build system.
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C++, Cafu and game on old engine

Post by Sputnik » 2012-06-20, 13:13

Hi everybody! I want create one game with some basic engine, like Operation Flashpoint is. I'm looking for few programmers who know how to code this game in C++. I now write to 1 text document everything, what I've ever devised. And here is small info: Unlimited Universe, more than 100 space ships, auto generated Solar systems, 5 dominated races, more than 300 upgrades for space ships etc.. If someone interested, please let me know. BTW - I do space ships in 3Ds Max, so if someone can help me with this too, I'll be glad.
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