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Install from git clone

Posted: 2017-07-27, 21:24
by garthur
Hi, I have down loaded using git clone, and tried to find docs for how to compile, without finding anything.
After a few experiments I did a 'scons' and it looked like it was doing it, BUT it compiled the dot o files and thats about all. The final result was:
scons: done reading SConscript files.
scons: *** No targets specified and no Default() targets found. Stop.
Found nothing to build

Please tell me where I can find a doc on how to compile.

Regards garthur

Re: Install from git clone

Posted: 2017-07-28, 09:07
by Carsten
Hi garthur,
welcome to the Cafu forums! :welcome:

Please start at, which links to :up: