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Problem Compiling [Windows 7 x64]

Posted: 2010-04-23, 01:11
by Drak
First, Hello!
I'm having issues compiling the source, I installed Python and SCons. And the command prompt throws back this error:

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Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7600]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.

C:\Users\Drak>cd C:\Users\Drak\Desktop\Cafu\Cafu-src-r49

C:\Users\Drak\Desktop\Cafu\Cafu-src-r49>scons -Q

nmake /nologo /f BUILD=debug SHARED=0 USE_OPENGL=1 RUNTIME_LIBS=stat
WARNING:  missing nmake.err; displaying error numbers without messages.
        cl /c /nologo /TC /Fovc9_mswud\wxregex_regcomp.obj /MTd /DWIN32 /Zi  /Fd
..\..\lib\vc9_lib\wxregexud.pdb  /D_DEBUG /Od  /I..\..\include  /I..\..\lib\vc9_
lib\mswud /D__WXMSW__  /D_UNICODE    ..\..\src\regex\regcomp.c
'cl' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
NMAKE :  U1077:
scons: *** Error 2

I'm guessing I need "cl.exe" which is installed with MSVS 2008 - and the path variables are setup. So I'm not sure how to solve this.

And as a last thing, is there a way that SCons and output a Visual Studio project? So I can compile from inside VS?

Thank you.

Re: Problem Compiling [Windows 7 x64]

Posted: 2010-04-23, 11:05
by Carsten
Dear Drak,
welcome to the Cafu forums! :welcome:

There has recently been this thread about compiling Cafu on 64-bit Win7 with the 32-bit compilers, but you seem to have (initially) a different problem.

Which version of SCons do you have installed?
If it's 1.3.0 or earlier, please get the latest 1.3.0.d20100404, or any future version.

As it can find nmake, but cannot find the C++ compiler, do you have the C/C++ components of Visual Studio installed? Which version of Visual Studio do you use (the Express Edition)?

Next, please try the following:
Before you run scons at the command line, set SCONS_MSCOMMON_DEBUG to - (hyphen, Minuszeichen), that is, enter

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before you run scons. It will output what it is doing at startup (if you replace the "-" by an arbitrary file name, the output will be written into the file instead). Then please post that output here as well.
And as a last thing, is there a way that SCons and output a Visual Studio project? So I can compile from inside VS?
While we are planning to provide such a feature in the future, this is not available yet. Any help would be welcome though!

Re: Problem Compiling [Windows 7 x64]

Posted: 2010-04-23, 18:37
by Drak
Thank you for that thread, I read over it, but must of skipped a page. I installed Windows SDK, and it compiled. But now I have linking errors. The same issue "bigjj13" was having. But after the fix you gave him (commenting out lines XXX) i still receive errors.

I also have the latest SCons.

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Linker Errors
Nevermind! Compiled fine, my problem was that the PATH variable was set to an old dir that didn't exist. (The path leading to the MS SDK)

Re: Problem Compiling [Windows 7 x64]

Posted: 2010-04-24, 10:24
by Carsten
Good to know that, thanks for your feedback!