New SCons release 1.3.0.d20100505 is now available

Get technical support about the C++ source code and about Lua scripts for maps, entities, GUIs, the console, materials, etc. Also covered are the Cafu libraries and APIs, as well as compiling, linking, and the build system.
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New SCons release 1.3.0.d20100505 is now available

Post by Carsten » 2010-05-05, 21:18

Hi all,

good news for everyone who was recently compiling Cafu on Windows amd64 systems with SCons 1.3:
A new version has been released on May 1st! It contains a number of fixes that should help with all related problems. :cheesy: :wohow:

In summary, everyone who had troubles in the past, please:
  • install the new SCons release 1.3.0.d20100505 from,
  • make sure you use the latest Cafu source code (at least r49, better r68 (uploaded today), or even better SVN head),
  • then recompile.
It should work out-of-the-box (just as documented) - otherwise, if there are still problems, please let me know so that we can identify and fix them. :up:
Best regards,
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